Looking for other opportunities to connect with Korean Americans in our neighborhood??

Founded by community advocate Kathy Park Price in partnership with Brooklyn Korean School (BKS) director Jean E Lee, KAB is an offshoot of the Korean school Jean founded in 2016.  BKS was created to address the high demand for a Korean school in Brooklyn.  Based on BKS's success and rapid growth, it was clear there was a desire among families to further grow connections among Korean American community members in Brooklyn.  And that's why Kathy started the group KAB with Jean's support! 

KAB will bring together Korean Americans and their families through a casual and social group that meets regularly.  Our participants will attend events, such as community meetings and cultural happenings that are of interest to Korean Americans.  KAB will connect families with each other.  KAB will also be a space where participants can learn about Korean American businesses and individuals shaping New York City.  We will welcome dialogue about topics that interest Korean Americans.

As reported in The New York Times, "Asian-Americans of all backgrounds, including East and South Asians, now make up almost 15 percent of the city’s population, with the total number up by more than half since 2000."  There are thousands of Korean Americans in Brooklyn, but we're spread out. KAB hopes to bring more of us together.

If you're interested in KAB or have any comments to share, please shoot an email to KoreanAmericansofBrooklyn@gmail.com.

You can also follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/KoreanAmericansBK!  


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