About Us

환영합니다! Welcome to Brooklyn Korean School (“BKS”)!  After living in Brooklyn for over 10 years, my family was hard-pressed to find a local Korean School in culturally- and ethnically-diverse Brooklyn.  Having attended Korean School in my elementary years I believe in the importance of teaching and instilling the Korean language, culture, and, most importantly, heritage to my children.

BKS is a community-driven endeavor that aims to teach the Korean language, culture, and heritage, not only to my children, but also to your children.  BKS’s curriculum teaches its students to speak, read, and write Korean through fun and engaging arts and crafts projects, storytelling, games, sing-alongs, and creative movements.

Whether your last name is Park or Parker, BKS invites and welcomes every child to BKS who has an interest to learn about Korea, and we hope that our time together will continue to foster great relationships and make Brooklyn an even greater place to live!


Jean E. Lee



Founder: Jean E. Lee

Jean E. Lee was born in South Korea and moved to Long Island, New York, when she was 7 years old. She graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Journalism and Visual Arts and an M.A. in Studio Arts from New York University. She worked in the magazine industry for many years as a photo editor, and currently works as an artist agent representing photographers and stylists at Plum Reps (www.plumreps.com).

Jean and her husband live in Brooklyn with their 2 children (ages 7 & 4). 


Teacher: HyeJin Shin

HyeJin Shin was born and raised in South Korea. She graduated from Ewha Womans University with a B.A in History and an M.A. in American Cultural History. Informed by the intense experience of teaching students as well as her own daughters, her pedagogical approach emphasizes the importance of pleasant interaction between students and teacher. As a Korean mom living in America, she looks forward to sharing lessons in Korean history, culture and language with young New Yorkers. HyeJin currently works as a translator-cum-film producer.

HyeJin and her husband live in Brooklyn with their 2 girls (ages 9 & 5).

Teacher: Shieun Yoon McDonough

Shieun Yoon McDonough was born and raised in South Korea. She graduated from Sungkyunkwan University with B.A.s in English Literature and Cross Culture and M.A. in English Education. She has many years of experience teaching children and adults in Korea, and she has worked at a school in the U.S. as an assistant and after school teacher. She has a daughter who is currently enrolled in Brooklyn Korean School, and she is excited to be part of the school.

Shieun and her husband live in Brooklyn with their two girls (age 5 and 2)


Teacher: YongHyun Lee

Yonghyun Lee is a pianist and an educator originally from Korea. Although he spent more than half of his life in the States, he strongly values his Korean identity. He picked up the piano at age 6 and decided to transition from classical to jazz at 18. Soon enough, he relocated himself to Seoul to learn jazz but he wanted to see the broader world. He received his Bachelors from Berklee College of Music and his Masters from New England Conservatory.

Yonghyun also has a long career as an educator. His first teaching experience goes back to 2008, when he started teaching kids piano, music theory, and English, while pursing his degree. He has continued giving private lessons to many students ranging in age with some moving on to become full-time musicians.

Yonghyun currently lives in Manhattan and performs regularly with many renown musicians.  He also works as a musical director for a church, and gives private lessons.